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A switch in time?causes headaches
Not to beat up electromechanical switches, but they're best thought of as reusable connectors—i.e., sources of trouble that allow temporary connection of two other sources of trouble. As a case in point, the right-hand button on my Microsoft optical mouse recently stopped working. Rather than junk the mouse, I disassembled it (hint: scrape off the two rearmost feet to reveal the screws that hold the case together) and exchanged the defective switch with the still-functional scroll w... (more) Details... more »
Going for baroque
"…For in those baroque days, J. S. Bach, G. F. Handel, and other composers delivered their concerti in litters of six, like kittens…." This fortnight's collection of Design Ideas includes a couple of decidedly nonbaroque entries—in fact, the first on our list may well provoke a "Well, duuh…" response from those of you who consider yourselves ... more »
Improve current sinks, detect AC-line phases, save I/O lines
This biweekly collection of Design Ideas inadvertently features "savings" as a theme: save your current-source's error budget, save a few passive parts, and save a microprocessor's I/O lines. In "Error compensation improves bipolar-current sinks," author Christian de Godzinsk... (more) Details... more »
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