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Power apps, Prony rides, and the usual batch of good links
This batch of Design Ideas deals mostly with power. A friend related an incident at a design review, in which the lead engineer informed a corporate exec that the project was only 3 dB over its budget. The exec went away happy (for the moment), and the engineer muttered, "That's a factor of two, because money equals power."Our leadoff Design Idea, "Exte... (more) Details... more »
Many LEDs, wandering mag fields, and USB juice
Medieval theologians may have argued about how many angels could dance on a pinhead, but contributors to Design Ideas seem focused on driving more LEDs with fewer microprocessor I/O ports. Here we go again, with the latest and possibly last (for a while) entry in the category. This time, authors Nedjeljko Lekic and Zoran Mijanovic show us that “Three microcontroller ports drive 12 LEDs Details... more »
The circuit stewpot
Here in the United States, people celebrate late November’s Thanksgiving holiday by cooking a turkey. By the first of December, the leftovers are mostly gone and the picked-over carcass awaits the soup pot. This fortnight’s Design Ideas have already landed in the EDN stewpot, and there’s not a turkey in the bunch.If you’re stuffing a class-D amplifier in your latest product, youR... (more) Details... more »
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