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Fire Protection Solenoid bursts pressure cylinders.
Able to replace pyrotechnic and mechanical actuated systems, Latching Solenoid features hollow pin design that pierces steel sealing disc and allows gas to exit cylinder. Pin is actuated by compressed spring, which is held together in loaded position by permanent magnet latching solenoid, eliminating risks inherent in explosive devices such as accidental discharge ESD. Operated electrically or mechanically, solenoid can puncture up to 200 cylinders prior to being replaced or rebuilt. Details... more »
Two-Wire Bus Buffer features bidirectional capacitance.
Model LTC4307-1 High-Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI compliant bidirectional bus buffer provides capacitance buffering and level shifting between HDMI source and sink devices. Features include sub-10 pF data and clock input capacitance, bidirectional buffer for display data channel, level translation between 3.3 and 5 V, ±5 kV Human Body Model ESD protection, 60 mV buffer offset independent of load, undervoltage lockout protection, and READY open-drain output. Details... more »
RF Connectors come in high-speed and high-density models.
Featuring 1 or 2 RF connectors per end, high-speed QMS/QFS Q2(TM) Series provides up to 156 single-ended or 48 signal pairs per connector on 0.635 mm pitch with internal ground plane. ESRF/ETRF Series features high-density connectors on 2 mm pitch with up to 80 signal/ground pins and 6 RF connectors as standard. Units can be combined with MMCX-scale or other RF connectors to provide optimal board-to-board flexibility and functionality. Details... more »
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