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Scope: ARM conference, engine control, more
ARM Developers Conference preview, challenges in engine control, and power-line networking circa 1957 Details... more...
DragonFire reference design gets BSP
EBV Elektronik and Domologic have announced a BSP (board-support package) for the Freescale-microprocessor-based DragonFire reference design. The companies based this package on JControl technology; it allows designers to perform applications for the Cobra 5329 board in Java, simplifying development of GUIs (graphical user interfaces). Details... more...
Low-power dc/dc downconverters target portable designs
Texas Instruments designed its TPS622xx series of 2.25-MHz-switching-frequency dc/dc step-down converters to power microcontrollers and DSPs in portable electronics. In three versions, the TPS62290, TPS62260, and TPS62240 provide 1A, 600 mA, or 300 mA, respectively, at output voltages as low as 0.6V±1. Details... more...
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